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Capitol 1212- The Return Of Rudy Nacho LTD Edition Bundle Pack

Image of Capitol 1212- The Return Of Rudy Nacho LTD Edition Bundle Pack


The Return Of Rudy Nacho T shirt (white)
The Return Of Rudy Nacho heavyweight vinyl LP
Capitol 1212 Good Feeling ltd 7" vinyl
a ) side Good Feelin featuring Mike G( Jungle Brothers, MCM, Cadence and Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling)
b) side Don Man Sound feat. Tenor Fly ( J Star remix)
plus free stickers and rare poster of Capitol 1212's first release "Raw and Disorder EP"

The Return Of Rudy Nacho LP was released 2014 on Irish Moss Records,

"no fillers simply dopeness"
Barry Ashworth, Dub Pistols

"Gappy Ranks and Capitol 1212's 'Born As A Warrior' is a splendid standout track. watchout for a sneaky Booker T cover underpinning Donald D's interlude about the influence of reggae sound systems on hip hop"

"10/10 best album I've heard in a long time that captures the very best in uk jungle/reggae and all the good bits in between. Big Forward on this release!"
King Yoof, Sub Slayers

"Reggae, Hip-Hop and Drum'n'Bass - 3 of my favourite things combine and come together on the debut Capitol 1212 album. It's full of melodies, hooks, rhymes, beats and bleeps to get any sound-system skanking and any party started. With guest vocalists and fresh, uplifting production from start to finish, this album is a total carnival!"
Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1

Makin Disturbances was in Don Letts best tracks of 2014 on BBC Radio


Rudy's Intro (feat Danger Man)
Born As A Warrior (feat Gappy Ranks)
Warning (feat Danger Man)
Worldwide Echo (feat M.A.D.)
Lif Up (feat Tenor Fly)
Do It Like We (feat Million Dan)
Interlude (feat Donald D)
Flex Like We (feat Daddy Freddy)
Makin Disturbances (feat Serocee)
Murder Dem (feat Deadly Hunta)
Everybody Move Like Robot (feat Daddy Scotty)
Haven't You Heard (feat Profisee & Junior Bear)
Rudy's Outro

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